Welcome to our online home. Amenitek provides a complete range of services to assist you in the selection, design, installation and implementation of the very latest technological amenities for home and business, work and leisure.

We are a complete end-to-end solution provider from cabling to equipment procurement to installation and final warranties.  Our systems are designed to be reliable and easy to use. We take the hassle out of technology for you!

We are dedicated to working with our customers to provide the solutions that they are looking for.  We do not always sell an off the shelf solution.  We are willing to customize any solution to best fit your needs.  Customization is our specialty.

Whether it’s making upgrades to your current electronics or starting from scratch on a new project, Amenitek is prepared to assist you at any point in from design to purchase to installation of cutting edge technologies.

The right technology can simplify complex tasks, increase productivity, relieve stress and enhance everyday experiences. Amenitek works with large and small businesses, contractors and homeowners to create environments in which to live, work, and play – safer, smarter, and more simply.

Please explore our array of services to learn more, and be sure to inquire with us if you have a particular interest that may not be reflected in the sampling we show here.

Amenitek — where amenities and technology come together.